Rash and sore throat?


I don't think I'm infected but would like some amount of reassurance. My encounters have been limited to males and have always been receiving oral sex or mutual jo. I have a rash all over my body that itches and burns and a slight sore throat. Do you think this could be early HIV? Does the early HIV rash itch and spread all over the body?


If your rash is related to recent HIV infection (which sounds unlikely based on your history), it would be considered atypical. The rash that people commonly experience during primary infection does not itch. Receiving oral sex and mutual masturbation are not implicated in HIV transmission.

Regardless of the cause of your rash, it sounds like it is causing you discomfort and anxiety. Seek out professional medical help if the rash has not improved (and especially if it has gotten worse or is accompanied by other symptoms, like fever). It is difficult to say if your sore throat is associated with the rash, but it is probably worth talking with a doctor about.