Rash and Redness


I'm male, 23. Recently, I had unprotected sex with a female prostitute on 1st May 2014. I immediately regretted my decision but I did not know about PEP. It is now 10 May and I have had rashes on the side of my arm/armpit (that I had before) and developing rashes at the back of my knees. I also noticed that the back of my penis glans has become red and is more sensitive (not pain).

#1 Is it advisable for me to go for a HIV/STD checkup now and how accurate will the results be?

#2 Are these symptoms a sign of any STD or HIV?


Thanks for your questions,

It can be helpful to get a HIV/STD around a month after to check on STDs (particularly for the ambiguous redness on your penis) and then definitely at 3 months to know for sure about HIV.

The things you're describing don't scream out as symptoms, but they do sound unusual. Can't hurt to get them looked at to be sure of what they are.

It's good that you know about PEP know for the future. Please keep in mind that unprotected sex is risky, but it's not a sure thing either way (that's why testing is important).

Hope this helps,