you are the greatest and your immediate responses sure bring a smile to my face. i am the one who is worried to death about the pcr test and thinking that the nurse intentionally infected me. i sound crazy, but am truthful and worried. the question i ask you is that could a rash on the upper left portion of your chest about 1 inch by 1 1/2 inch be consistent with hiv rash? this is 4 days after exposure (since she did the pcr with a bleeding finger) and a little swelling under the left armpit that is irritated also is occurring. could if all be on the left side so soon (4 days) because she gave me the shot on my left arm about 7 inches away from the left armpit? i also have a sore throat now and experience soars to my upper back and arms. i got the test done on monday, june 28, 1999, and my rash and slight swelling in the left armpit began on friday, july 2, 4 days later. is this rash consistent with hiv rash (size and time and length of period)? how long does hiv rash last and is it usually this small? my rash lasted 2 to 3 days (til sunday). what can i do if she did infect me? i KNOW she did. my initial exposure was june 1, 1999 and was due to the fact that i thought fingering a girl could give me hiv, but now i know it's highly unlikely and i had no symptoms until after the pcr test. i am scared to get the pcr results becuz i know that they'll tell me that i am positive cuz the doctor told me i should be negative and i responded saying that if i am negative, and i do another pcr test 4 weeks after this incident with the blood test and end up being positive, it had to have been the nurse. he responded saying that if that happens it won't be the nurse but due to another exposure. i said what if i had no other exposure. then he said "whatever, but it won't be becuz of the nurse." I'm thinking that he will say it's positive (my inital pcr) to get his name off any possible investigations. please answer my questions about the rash and size and length of period it stayed on me and time it appeared after the needle blood drawing. thanks, from a dying individual.


The rash you describe is non consistent with HIV infection. MH