Rare occurrence, aids now. How????


Dr. I need an explanation if you could. Back in April 2013, almost one year today, I had unprotected sex with female who was promiscuous. 4 weeks later I got really sick, unable to eat anything and bumpy rash on arms. Lasted a 3 months. Then 4 months post I developed a horrible chest cough, along with lesions all over my body. I knew it was hiv. I tested 10 times from months 1-6. 9 of those tests were antibody tests from labcorp, and one was a fourth gen test from labcorp. I then tested for the 11th time around 11 months post exposure and it was positive. I know have a very high viral load and low cd4. How did all those tests miss my infection for so long??? I need help understanding this


Yes, that is hard to explain, assuming there were no other potential contacts in the interim, and infection was more recent. Or that infection has been around for a very long time, and your body is unable to make the antibodies necessary for the test to detect them. It is unlikely that the antibody tests would have missed the infection, given the HIV viral load test is positive and was able to detect the viral strain. The 4th generation test includes antibody (made by the person in response to infection) and antigen ( a product of the virus itself) testing and so has better possibility of detecting infection.