rapid test from Trinity Biotech accurate??


I went to get tested at 13 weeks after exposure at a lab and got non reacteve results from a Trinity Biotech product they use all the time. I did some research and found out the folloging:

Trinity Biotechs Uni-Gold Recombigen®HIV test is approved by the FDA for the detection of antibodies to HIV in human serum, plasma, venous and finger stick wholeblood and is the only Rapid HIV Test to be approved for use with all four sample types. The product is easy to use, requires one-step and produces a result within ten minutes. The test is highly accurate being 100% sensitive and 99.7% specific.

is this true??? I don't see anything posted on this type of test and I'm very conserned.

Please let me know

Thank you very much for your feedback



You didn't see anything posted about UniGold Recombigen Rapid Tests from Trinity Biotech!? Hmmm . . . I doubt you searched all that hard! But no matter, the information in your post is indeed correct. Your 13-week negative UniGold Recombigen HIV test is accurate, definitive and conclusive. Stop being "conserned" and start WOO-HOOing like a banshee in heat!

Dr. Bob