Rapid CD 4 count drop in 5 months


Hi Dr Keith, you are my hero and shining light...

l was infected on a holiday in china january 2008, l got a fever in mid jan, by march when l tested l was hiv positive,

my first tests in march was virol load 13,000 and cd4 430 %25 next test in june my numbers where the same...

then in august my numbers where cd4 460 and viroal load 30,000 and %27... in

november my numbers dropped to cd4 375 and viroal load 80,000 %24

and my recent test febuary 2009 reads

CD4 281 viroal load 45,000 and %19

Dr Keith how can l drop close to 180 cd4 cells in 5 months ??? my doctor said its up to me to start treatment, as the virus has been in my system for only 12 months,

would you have a idea whats going on doctor ???

thank you for your time doctor



Your CD4 count and % is trending down as you document. A small % of patients will experience a more rapid drop in CD4 count than is usual-the reasons for that are often unclear but may involve genetic, viral, and immune activation factors. Regardless of the reason, I would strongly recommend starting ART to protect your CD4 count and hopefully regain much of what you have lost and to get your HIV under control (thus protecting your overall health). KH