Rapid Blood Test - Results


I was tested at 7 weeks with a Rapid Blood test at planned parenthood. It had a very dark Neg line, but a faint positive line. The nurse practitioner said it was positive. She then drew blood and sent it to the lab (labcorp) for testing. It came back Neg. She asked the doctor if I needed to retest that week to confirm the negative and he said "no - some people just can't take the rapid and I should retest after the 90 day window as well as 6 month window".
I then went back at 120 days and retested again via lab testing and it also came back negative.

Am I in fact negative and do I need to retest again since I tested at 120 days? I do not have any immune disorders, etc.



You are definitively and conclusively HIV negative. HIV is not your problem. No way. No how. No additional HIV tests are warranted. (If you had been in the process of seroconverting to HIV positive at the time of the initial "faint positive line," you would have been conclusively positive at the time of your 120-day test!)

Dr. Bob