ran out of Eviplera took Atripla for two days


Dear Dr Young thank you for your very helpful advice and dedication. You are a real hero. my dr recently changed my treatment from Atripla to Eviplera .I got muddled with how many pills I had left and as I was far from my home and pharmacy I took Atripla for two days before I could get more Eviplera. Should I be worried? What can I expect? I will see my dr in a month's time for bloodwork. my VL is undetectable, T4 around 700, everything else is fine excepte slightly elevated Cholesterol. thank you for your advice!


Hello and thanks for the kind words and for posting your question.

While not truly optimal, I don't see any major issues with substituting the Atripla for your Eviplera (Complera) for the two days- especially given that your VL was undetectable at the time.

Hope that helps, BY