Raltegrivir/Truvada & Lexapro


Hello, About a week ago I started Isentress/Truvada and Lexapro for anxiety/depression. Since starting, I have been so fatigued, spacey, can't concentrate and almost like a stoned feeling. Do you think the Lexapro 10mg or the HIV meds are causing this? This feeling is making me anxious almost like i'm going to have a panic attack. Is this common with Isentress/Truvada or Lexapro? Do you think it will go away? This is awful and I thought I/T was suppose to be side-effect free for the most part? Thanks for any advice. CJ


Usually OK to use Lexapro and raltegravir/Truvada together. I try to avoid adding too many drugs at once since it can be hard to sort early side effects. Often a patient starting Lexapro will have some fatigue--I would discuss with your HIV provider. KH