Dear Dr Bob,

Just some quick questions for you. I had a very high risk exposure 7 months back with unprotected vaginal & oral sex with a female of unknown status (suspected HIV pos).

Now the questions:

  1. Elisa test at 5 1/4 months post exposure. Non-reactive. Do I trust the results? Do I need a re-test

  2. Have ongoing fatigue (began 2 months post exposure), widespread fasciculations, muscle aches (esp. in the neck area), limb weakness, dry eyes, etc, etc. Are these HIV specific? Are these typical of chronic HIV symptoms?

Thanks for your time. Stay well & god bless!



Hello Worried-Maybe-Not-Well,

Quickie questions, so quickie response too, because questions like this need to be directed to our Safe Sex/HIV Prevention Forum, not this Fatigue/Anemia Forum, OK?

  1. Your risk was oral sex and unprotected insertive vaginal intercourse with a person of unknown status (even though you "suspect" HIV-positive). Generally speaking, a 3-month ELISA would be considered conclusive for this type of exposure. If you're still concerned, go ahead and retest at 6 months; however, personally, I think your 5 1/4-month test is more than adequate.
  2. Your symptoms are definitely not HIV-specific or typical of HIV.

I plan to stay well. You plan to stay safe (and well), OK?

Dr. Bob