questions about neuropathy


Neuropathy question.

  1. how common is to delevope neuropathy within 2 years if infected.
  2. Does neuropathy come and go during a 24 hour day, but comes back while sitting.
  3. Can stress cause neuropathy?
  4. Does it mean it is HIV Neuropathy if it first starts in toes or could be another kind. Had an 4 and 6 month hiv test. But performed oral sex on a man during the the 3rd month of waiting. Please, please help me. I beg you.


Peripheral neuropathy due to HIV usually occurs in advanced disease, not in people who were infected relatively recently. It starts in the toes and is not related to position (sitting, standing, etc). It is not caused by stress but can be caused by other medical problems, such as diabetes.