Question resubmitted as you asked. Please answer me Dr.


Hi Dr. Bob. Here is my question re-submitted again after you asked me to (because you never answered me previously).

Well 90 days post visit to a massage parlor where I received protected oral, vaginal and unprotected handjob from the pro, I took a Rapid Oraquick Oral Swab HIV 1/2 test with negative results. What spurred my testing was due to the following symptoms that I still have:

Chest pain/discomfort when flexing or contracting my chest or when i hunch over, easy bruising, few brown spots on legs, constant lightheadedness, sensation of numbness in my toes and fingers. Not sure if this is a sign of P.N., lack of energy at times and neck stiffness. My GP checked my lymph nodes in my groin because I thought they were swollen but he didn't feel any nodes and said it was normal. He said that it may be an early onset of a hernia. I also told him about my concerns with HIV infection. I told him what made me scared of HIV was that I sometimes have a dry, irritated patch on the base of my penis and that infected vaginal fluids could enter this area. He said that he doesn't believe this could happen. I also showed my wang to the clinicians at the STD clinic and they told me the same thing.

I then underwent full std testing at the clinic for Hep A, B and C, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia and NGU/NSU with negative results. I wanted to test for Herpes but they said those tests are unreliable and they rely primarily on physical symptoms. I dont have any bumps or blisters but I do get mild itching around the genital area certain times of the month or week.

When I got my CBC results back, my GP called and told me everything was normal. I asked him if everything was indeed within the normal range, and he said the only thing that was high was my liver or Bilirubin. 1.9 and normal is 1.5. He said that it doesnt mean anything. I got my printed results and found that not everything was normal:

White Blood Cells (high) 11.1 (normal = 3.8-10.8 thous/uL)

Neutrohpils (high) 84% (normal = 40-75%) Lymphocytes (low) 12% (normal = 20-45%) Absolute Neutrophil (high) 9.30 thous/uL (normal = 1.50-7.80 thous/uL)

Other results that were shown within range: Red Cell Count = 5.12 million Hemoglobin = 15.3 g/dL Hematrocrit = 44.5% MCV = 87 fL MCH = 29.9 pg MCHC = 34.5 g/dL RDW = 12.8% Platelet Count = 294 thous/uL MPV = 8.1 fL Monocytes = 3% Eosinophils = 1% Basophils = 0% Absolute Lymphocyte = 1.30 thous/uL Absolute Monocytes = 0.40 thous/uL Absolute Eosinophil = 0.100 thous/uL Absolute Basophil = 0.000 thous/uL Also shown to be high were Protein = 8.5 g/dL Albumin = 5.5 g/dL and Bilurubin = 1.9 mg/dL

So my questions are:

  1. Do you think my elevated CBC totals are a sign of concern? Reading that having less than 15% of lymphocytes can be a sign of HIV or AIDS scares me. My High and Low marks are in reference to the normal range on my CBC report. Im scared of my lymphocytes total of 12%.

  2. I was hoping my 90 day HIV rapid oral swab test could have buried my fears but im scared again. Shall I retest at the 6 month mark (which is right now) via a blood test instead? Is my 90 day rapid oral HIV test, given my cbc results and symptoms, woo-hooable?

  3. My constant lightheadedness, chest discomfort pain, stiff neck and skin marks and bruises just keep reminding me that something is not right. Please let me know what you think is going on here doc.

  4. What started all this madness is when I went to the massage parlor. I usually have dryness on the top of my shaft and I shaved my penis a few hours before the encounter. I dont believe that any cuts, bleeding or openings were present for infected fluids to enter. But when I started to lose my erection with her on top, I know the condom moved up exposing the area where my penis is usually dry. I always have this dry patch area on the top portion of the shaft, down the base area. The skin is discolored, lighter in color and after I shower, this area is pinker. I thought it was Herpes but the Doc and Clinicians disagreed and believed it was just psoriasis or ezcema. I do get mild itching around the base of my genital area at times but never bumps or blisters. I had one scab near the scrotum that I showed to the doc and clinic and they didnt see anything that I had to worry about. Long story short, could I get infected with HIV via this dry skin area on my penis that was exposed when the condom wasnt covering it? No open wounds or bleeding were present.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you take the time to respond. Take care.



I asked you to resubmit??? Hmmm . . . really? Well OK. I'll respond briefly:

  1. No.

  2. Your 90-day result is conclusive and conclusively WOO-HOO-able.

  3. I can't diagnose your problem over the Internet. What I can do with great certainty is tell you that your problem is not HIV. No way. No now.

  4. No.

You're welcome.

Dr. Bob