Question regarding my result


hi' i want to understand what in my condition regarding this or can u explain it so i can understand it The method used for HBV DNA Viral Load PCR is COBAS TaqMan HBV Test. The detectable range with this method is 6 - 110,000,000 IU/ml (35 - 640,200,000 copies/ml). The quantification is homogenous for all HBV genotypes tested. 239.70 U/L 10 ~ 41 Specimen rechecked. Result/s Verified. Specimen rechecked, result/s verified. NOTE: 04-16-11 10:41 PID : Date Received: Reported: Printed: Sex : Name : Lab. Number : Source : Age : Page : 1 of 04-20-11 00:00 04-20-11 17:18 SGPT/ALT Blood & Rh Typing HBV viral load 239.70 U/L 10 ~ 41 Clinician:


You don't indicate why this test was ordered. The results means the test is positive for a very low HBV viral load and you should consult with your doctor as to the interpretation.