Question about receiving unprotected oral sex and flu like symptoms within 48 hours


Hi, I asked this ? on the forum 2 days ago but havent had a response yet. I was looking through all the past forums and I have seen similar questions but Im not sure they answer my ? exactly. I had received oral sex from a male partner for about 1-2 mins before I made him stop since I I dont really enjoy receiving oral sex. The remainder of sex was entirely protected with condoms. However, the question I have is within 48 hours I developed fever (<101), chills, very very sore throat with swollen tonsils and body aches. I thought that was weird since we're in April and it felt like the flu. My partner said he had felt sick the previous week. I recovered from whatever virus this was within 3-4 days. So, I learned from your site that he risk of transmission is extremely low for receiving oral sex since my partner had no obvious swollen or bleeding gums or cuts on his lips, however, does this warrant me getting tested for HIV? Is this an acute HIV viral response or am I just being paranoid? Can you develop symptoms as early as 48 hours. I read from anywhere from 1-4 weeks post exposure? I do not know his status (said he was tested for "everything" in January, but as we know people are not always truthful). I had been tested the previous week for HIV as part of a regular health checkup and my test was negative. I appreciate your help answering this question. I also appreciate everyone who contributes to this site for allowing us to ask these questions without feeling stupid! Thanks so much!- Jen


Hi Jen Thanks for the question and feeling comfortable to ask. This is why we are here. We know that oral sex carries the lowest risk of HIV transmission and condoms are effective in the prevention of HIV transmission, as long as they are used correctly and do not break or slip off. Yes 48 hours is too soon for any symptoms of HIV and so what I feel you experienced was your partners viral infection that they had and you picked it up.

Be well and stay safe, Shannon