A question for you Mr. McGowan


hi I'm Dave, I have an important question about something happend 3 weeks ago. I know it may seem weird, but I worry a lot. I went to the restaurant and had a spinach cream soup. While I was eating it, I saw a kind of reddish/brown drop in my soup. It was a bit mixed in the soup but not completely. I didn't pay much attention and finished the soup, but since the day after, I started to fear a bit that it was a drop of blood. My concern is: if it was a drop of blood contaminated with hiv , is it dangerous to be hiv contaminated just by eating this blood drop in a soup ?




Would not worry about HIV exposure. Even if it was blood it would have not been a risk to you after it had been cooked. Also oral exposures are very rarely the way HIV is contracted. Don't worry.

In general I would recommend an HIV test for all adults, regardless of the soup incident. If you do not know your HIV status you should get yourself tested.

Best, Joe