question from europe


dear dr. Frascino, i am sorry to bother you, but in my country, we dont have such forums and i dont have opportunity to discuss my questions. i have one problem with risk of hiv and i really need help and this is the best site i have found...

i was in small club with my husband, in the full light they put on after concert i saw blood on the dancefloor. the amount of / as if somebody is bleeding from nose badly... i just stared, while my husband was standing on it, our dog stood in it, then my husband bent down to stroke the dog, while his jacket was on the floor (as he had it wraped around his belly)... i nearly dropped out... i could imagine in a moment the blood was on his jacket, on the dog, on his hand,... he knows i hate blood, and i immediately told him, he is standing in blood, but he just told me it doesnt matter... without checking anything... i dont know if he had some wounds, but i suppose no bleeding wound, only like any hand-working guy, cuts, abrasions, small wounds, hmmm... i really hope none of them fresh.. of course, he does not care about having dirty hands, so he is used to touch his eyes, to scratch the skin and put off the scabs etc... i hope you know what i mean.. i am so scared,.... i dont know. the stains were fresh, or at least, they were not completely dry, i know it because, i was staring on them so long. some few minutes before, strange people were dancing there, and we were dressed in black, so i just couldnt check if there are any stains on clothes... nothing to calm me down... please, help me, i am really scared, i need to read somebody who does not think i am stupid and that this is only made-up situation. i would like to know if there is risk of getting hiv (for my husband mainly). no i dont have hiv anxiety, i just hate blood and this is too much for me to cope with. please please help me. i dont have anybody else. and also, i am going to have a baby in two month so i am quite scared and interested in being completely healthy - both of us, me and my man... i would be very thankful to you.


Hello Questioner from Europe,

I do not think you are "stupid," nor do I feel this is a "made-up situation." I fully realize you are scared. However, your fears are totally unwarranted. You state, ". . . I don't have HIV anxiety . . ." yet you clearly admit you fear blood and the fact your husband and dog may have come into contact with blood on the dance floor is "too much for me to cope with." Such fears are irrational . The HIV-acquisition risk to you, your husband and/or your dog is completely nonexistent. HIV does not survive long outside the body. The chances that the blood was HIV-tainted are remote. Furthermore, the chance your husband could have gotten adequate amounts of fresh HIV-positive blood into an open wound from the incident you describe is well beyond remote. Add all this together and the actual risk becomes nonexistent. You may not feel you have "HIV anxiety," however, your irrational fears about blood and HIV are exactly that: HIV anxiety. I would suggest you consider getting counseling to help you confront and conquer your irrational and totally unwarranted worries surrounding HIV and blood in general.

Good luck. 
Dr. Bob