A Question for Dr. Bob - The King of the world! :o)


First of all I have to say, that the way you are replying to the millions of worried souls out there is absolutely fantastic! This starts already with your portrait which shows you laughing so wonderfully, implying so much energy and vitality! It helps so much reading your comments and opinions! I like it especially when you mention the odds which are astronomically in our favor...:O) But unfortunately I don't believe in them in my case...:-(

My status: Three days after an encounter with an escort (received and given oral unprotected; given on lubed vagina; vaginal penetration protected; fingering, noticed on my way back home something what could have been dried blood on my finger, so maybe it was also further outside on her vagina, even though i didn't see or taste anything) I noticed a lot of intense red pappilae on the tip of my tongue, a starting sore throat, also felt slightly weakend similar to the usual feeling when having a cold. The sore throat got only a little bit worse within the next 10 days, but I never felt mentionable pain. After 2 weeks I felt warmer than usual during nights and had a stained, flat red rash on the center of my stomach and chest for a day or two, after three weeks I felt fatigued on two days while being at work. The number of intense red papillae decreased constantly but some remained until today. Now 26 days after exposure my throat feels nearly ok, my voice is still a little bit deeper than usual, still feeling a little bit warmer than usual, but not weakened at all, some papillae are still intensely red colored. The lady was tested negatively a few days before and 3 weeks after our meeting for STD's, but I don't know which HIV tests were performed. She said, she is testing every 2 weeks.

Now to my questions:

  1. My internist told me the red dots on my tongue are an immune response to an infection. Since ARS show up later and I didn't show any of the symptoms of the other common STD's what else could I have caught up? Are there really so many viruses which I could have picked up during this sexual episode besides the common ones? Can you name some? I am worried because I felt sick for more than three weeks now and the red papillae are continously indicating an infection of my body!!! I never noticed them before my whole life (unfortunately I can not remember if I ever checked my tongue during a disease), so something has to be different now. I am also afraid because I don't know if my symptoms after approximately 2-3 weeks where ARS related or due to the intruder which showed after 3 days? What if the red dots only indicate the general HI-viral infection and only the rest is the specific ARS related?

  2. What influence has lube on the oral transmission or generally on transmission of STD's? Could it damage or irritate my tongue so severly that it got more susceptible for "intruders"? Is it possible that I intoxicated myself with some lube components? Could this lead to my symptoms which last for over 3 weeks now?

  1. Is it possible that the lady transmits HIV indirectly by still having some traces of men's ejacualte in her mouth? What is the lifetime of the virus in saliva environment? Could I have reactivated some of the virus in the little dried drop of blood on my finger while washing Dr.Pecker with that finger and hand?

Thanks so much in advance! How to donate? It is the first time in my life that I am scared to death and I want to support your foundation to help fighting against this asshole virus!!!

Greets to the whole team and especially you Bob!



Let me start by saying the odds are astronomically in your favor that you did not contract HIV from your escort encounter! Now what's this nonsense bout not believing my assessment when it's applied to your case??? What's up with that? You believe what I say to others, but not to you? That's not very logical.

Next, I'm not king of the world, just this forum!

Now on to your specific questions:

ARS did not "show up later." In fact it didn't show up at all. Acute retroviral syndrome (ARS) is HIV specific. I do not believe you have HIV; therefore, I do not believe you have ARS either. Your symptoms were, most likely, related to something else. There are many, many viruses other than HIV that can cause mouth symptoms. You want me to name some? Why? OK, here's one of my favorites: coxsackie virus. (It even sounds a bit sexual, eh?)

Lube really doesn't have an effect on oral HIV transmission one way or the other. It would not be the cause of your current symptoms.

No; "indirect" HIV transmission from traces of spunk from your gal-pal's last customer would not infect you. There is no exact survival time for secondhand spunk! No, you can not "reactivate" HIV. It's a virus, not a vampire! Frevinsakes!

Donation information for The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation can be found on the foundation's Web site, (www.concertedeffort.org). Thanks for your desire to help battle the pandemic.

Stop worrying. A three-month test will provide you with a definitive result. Assuming the latex condom was used properly and did not fail, the odds, as I said above, remain astronomically in your favor, OK? Now, do you believe me?

Good luck. Be well.

Dr. Bob