Hello Dr. 4 months ago my PCR HBV DNA viral load was 320000 copies/ml and i used TENOFOVIR DISPROXIL FUMARATE for four months and now my Viral load is less than 300 copies/ml (below detection limit) what do you say about this? Ma,am is it possible that HBV can be suppressed so in such short time? Can i trust the reports or should i go to repeat PCR HBV Quantitative??????


Tenofovir is a potent (strong), effective hepatitis B medicatiouon. It does a very good job of getting the hepatitis B viral load down, faster than other medications. This is a good response to tenofovor and not atypical. Try to stay on the medication and get your hepatitis B DNA viral load to non-detectable...the goal is to keep it there. Talk with your doctor about duration of therapy (how long you will take this medication) and do not miss any pills.