Queerty Names the 10 Sexiest Gay Men Living With HIV

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Jack Mackenroth
Nelson Vergel Patrick Ingram Jack Mackenroth

"Sexy" is definitely a relative term -- it encompasses someone's physical looks, attitude, smarts, passion and more. So, narrowing down all the gay men living with HIV to a list of only 10 might seem incredibly hard, but Mark S. King, writing for Queerty, has attempted just that.

According to King, "The list is a mixture of hotties and living history, each of whom combine elements of both. All of them are fighting HIV stigma by speaking out and acting up. We could have easily multiplied the list by hundreds if not thousands, with all the worthy HIV advocates involved in important work today."

Some very familiar faces to TheBody.com are on the list, including treatment expert Nelson Vergel, blogger Patrick Ingram and social media activist Jack Mackenroth.

Coming in at No. 6 on the list, Nelson Vergel is a major presence on TheBody.com. He maintains his own blog, "Outsmarting HIV: A Survivor's Perspective," and answers questions from our readers in both the Nutrition and Exercise forum and the Aging With HIV forum. Vergel, whom King describes as a "hunky Venezuelan bodybuilder," is sexy not only because of his muscles, but because of what King calls "a lifelong commitment to our community."

Only two spots behind Vergel is blogger Patrick Ingram, who first appeared on TheBody.com back in April 2012, when he wrote a letter to his HIV. Since then, Ingram has "become a leading voice of young gay men living with the virus," according to King. You can also read his blog, "ThePozLife," on TheBody.com where he describes med adherence, relationships and stigma.

Right behind Ingram is Jack Mackenroth at No. 9. Mackenroth is widely known in the gay community for baring his ... soul for everyone to see on Project Runway, and for being a social media maven who uses his celebrity and his assets to raise money for some very high-profile organizations, most notably Housing Works. His latest venture, the #weareALLclean social media campaign, is fighting stigma with shower selfies. What's sexier than that?

Want to read the full list? Head over to Queerty and find out if some of your favorite gay men made the top 10.

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