The other day I was eating at the bar at a restaurant. Since I am like 9 feet tall, my knees bump into the bar. Anyway, I felt a little prick on my knee...I looked to see if it was a nail or piece of wood, but couldn't find anything...but it was dark, so I really couldn't inspect the surface completely. When I examined my knee, there was a small puncture wound...but it is inconclusive if it is from the bar since it was slightly to the right of where I felt the prick. I had pants on, and I was sitting there for about 15 minutes before it happened. Is there anything to worry about with this incident? Thank you.



You're nine-feet tall? As Inga (Teri Garr) in "Young Frankenstein" once said, you must have an "enormous schwanzstucker!"

As for your HIV risk from the questionable prick at the bar, relax Max. Your risk is essentially nonexistent. This is neither the kind of "bar" or "prick" you have to worry about as far as HIV is concerned. HIV testing is not warranted; however, it is of course always available.

Dr. Bob