Dear Dr. Bob,

You are the greatest psyhcologist! I have a question for you that may be odd.

One day i was sleeping at my friends house on his bed while he and some other friends were playing video games. (I just came back from vacation and I was tired) Well when I woke up, i went to go pee and I found what looked like a strand of pubic hair stuck on my penis. I pulled it out. Could I have gotten HIV from this scenario? Please help, freaked out!!!!

Gracias, (using some spanish I learned from Mexico) Pubes


Hello Pubes,

I'm the greatest "psyhcologist"??? What's a psyhcologist???

You're worried about getting HIV from a stray pubic hair stuck on your Mr. Happy??? You are absolutely correct: your question is indeed odd.

The short answer is no. The longer answer is nope.

Dr. Bob