PT Freeport Indonesia Awarded for Its HIV/AIDS Program in the Workplace

After reviewing the HIV/AIDS programs of 55 businesses, the Indonesian government declared PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) the "Best of the Best" in the nation. PTFI has been implementing HIV programs for employees and their families in company locations since 2004.

PTFI's Public Health and Malaria Control program provides HIV prevention campaigns, and HIV/AIDS education and workshops for employees and families; and adheres to standard protocols for STD-focused medical exams, diagnoses, and prevention. PTFI also has established policies to prevent discrimination against HIV-infected employees.

The HIV/AIDS program is part of PTFI's safety and health policy, which strives to eliminate all occupational diseases and workplace injuries. All PTFI managers are directly responsible for adhering to the company's health and safety policy, which is enforced through comprehensive, independent audits. PTFI then applies necessary resources to correct any weaknesses identified during these audits.