Hey Dr. Bob,

I know you always say to check the archives first, but I doubt you've ever had a question about a crazed hooker who might have deliberately tried to infect her clients!!!! My buddy sys this happens all the time and now I'm scared to go to one... Marvin


Hi Marvin,

Wacky questions about psychotic hookers trying to infect their clients? Sure! See below. Your buddy is either paranoid or just trying to scare the pants off you (or should that be scare the pants on you?!).

Dr. Bob

HIV-HEP-C, ECT... Dec 13, 2008

Hello Dr.Bob. Well I've been reading your forum and highly respect the input on "the Body". So, frankly, this is what happened to me. 2007, 26, July, I was stuck with a needle while getting oral sex from a prostitute. She wanted to have intercourse to hurry things up & started to undress, he did so very quickly w/o saying anything. I get oral with a condom because it's suppose to be pretty much zero risk from what I understand. I don't do this often, and I know it's low, but I have a hard time finding girlfriends. Most girls think I'm gay, even my mother & sister. My mother actually started me on prostitutes, she never paid for me to have sex with them, but she use to ride around the red light district of our town with me when I was 11/12. That's because she thought I was gay too Dr.Bob-nice huh. I noticed she had lesions & track marks on her after she undressed & I became scared. I told her I don't do intercourse & she said okay, but I sensed she felt insulted. She continued with oral, I paid her double what she asked for to keep things cool. She continued, then I felt a stinging sensation, I'm such an idiot, I should have called it quits, plus I had my eyes closed-how dumb right?. I decided to just leave because two guys showed up (we were in behind a building). The guys were scary and said I had to go. I obliged, and she seemed to know them but left with. While I was walking I felt something wet and rolled up my pant leg-there was a small dot of blood. She looked at me and said "you look like you take good care of yourself". She stuck me with a syringe Dr.Bob. I called the police on my cell phone, they stopped her, searched her & found 3 syringes on her. I got tested twice, the cops never said anything about PEP, they just arrested her & told me to go to the hospital emergency ward. I was even dumber & waited until the next day to go, all I did was clean the cut with alcohol & band aid it-dumb again. The cut was infected the very next day, which was very strange to me, I was too embarrassed to tell the Dr. too, she seem to know it was a needle mark, but just looked at me weird & gave me some antibiotics. I told her it was, but it was from cleaning up in a bad area-dumb. So i tested at 2 weeks & three months, hiv -. My health has gone downhill every since. My looks are pretty much gone, my body looks different, my muscles look in my arms have thinned, my legs a little too. My waist is a little bigger, I think I have hiv & hep-c. My liver hurts, & sometimes my spleen. I have blotches an my face now, they look like lesions. they are coming in purple, little by little. I weigh the same, but I look thinner. I'm certain it's lypo Dr.Bob. I'm super depressed, I've been staying inside my apartment 247, I've dropped all my friends, including my family. I just want to disappear man. Please give me some of your kind words buddy, because I don't see a way out. I guess I deserve this, sleeping with prostitutes from 13 all the way until now WITH condoms 100% of the time, testing negative for ALL STD & HIV regularly, & I never thought what if I get stuck by a needle? I no this sounds unbelievable, but I'm not trying to waste your time, it's 100% real. I won't tell anyone it sounds so far fetched. I'm not trying to be the martyr, or make myself a victim, or anything, this is my real exposure as it happened. The truth really is stranger than fiction sometimes, but I understand if you think this is b.s. I would too, but I know some folks have not believed you as well, so thats why I thought you might be able to identify with me some. Respect to you, and thanks in advance Dr.Bob. Please help me.

Response from Dr. Frascino


I must admit your story sounds flakier than Christmas pie crust. You paid a hooker double her fee for a protected blowjob and so she stabs you with an HIV-tainted needle? Your mother and sister think you're gay, so your mom drove you around the red light district to get you started on prostitutes when you were 11-years-old??? And now you "look thinner," but weigh the same and you are certain it's due to lipodystrophy??? Yep, flakier than Christmas pie crust!!!

As for HIV, you tested negative at three months; consequently, you are definitively and conclusively HIV negative. Yet you think you have HIV and hepatitis C? Dude, "thinking" you have HIV/hep C and actually having HIV/hep C are two very different things.

My advice to you is to seek the help of a psychiatrist. You have issues bigger than the September edition of Vogue magazine.

As for demented vindictive HIV-positive psycho-hookers jabbing their clients with HIV-tainted needles while deep throating their trouser snakes, they are as rare as Hanukkah ham!

I'm hoping this holiday season brings insight into the true nature of your problems for you and heavily spiked eggnog for me.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob