Psychosomatic Freak


Hey Bob thank you so much for answering my question. In your response you recommended I spend money on seeing a doctor about my symptoms. Unfortunately I have allready been to the docs 4 times and the emergency room once for the uncontrollable spasms. None of them seem really concerned but I have been trying to give this fear up for quite some time and symptoms just keep pulling me back. Also my exposure was fingering with a recent non bleeding but sort of deep burn on my finger. I've been told by everyone it is non risk but I can't help but worry because of these symptoms. Thanks for your time.



You've "been to the docs 4 times and the emergency room once" and you've "been told by everyone it is non risk" and "none of them seem really concerned." You are proving my point. You've had a "non-risk" and your symptoms have been checked out multiple times. HIV is not your problem. The "I can't help but worry" is! You need counseling and therapy for your anxiety and irrational fears. My advice to you remains unchanged. The path back to health is clear. You just need to take the first steps.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob