Psychosomatic Fanatics....?


Ok, here it is . Assuming everyone has at least a medium risk factor so we're all on the same page ? How is it that most of us questioners get symptoms, assuming we're relative healthy , so close to hiv acquisition symptoms, but then various tests are negative, past exposure times ? Are we all lemmings waiting for a symptom to duplicate? Really we're all just puppets and paranoid delusional guilt ridden symptom seekers ? My story , Unigold blood, then an Elisa blood same clinic at just about 6 months:NEGATIVE Then half way into the 7 month a CD4 count, percentage, and T-cell subsets : Normal . An a HIV viral load: NEGATIVE ,from a big shot hospital. Here the weird starts, the doctor phoning in my above negatives says: "We usually see rashes and / or oral spots inside or sores around the mouth, you had no such indication ", I swear ,2 days later after a mountain bike trek through some overgrowth a small rash at left inner arm joint identical to hiv rashes described in the archives, i cream it up it's gone in 5-6 days. Within this 7 day period a blister appears below my botom lip , lasts 5-6 days and gone , i'd had them on and off for years before, but the timing's just to apt . Another instant blood test, the OraQuick at the begining of the 8th month at a separate facility : NEGATIVE
At 8 and a half months post possible exposure an Elisa blood draw :NEGATIVE To go with it let's throw in a Hiv-1 RNA using the Cobas Ampliprep/Cobas Taqman HIV-1 Test. The range is 48-10,000,000 :HIV -1 RNA is NOT DETECTED, Also, a rapid Plasma Reagin Test:NON REACTIVE Ok, here it comes again, this wonderful doctor says :"I always see swollen lymph nodes and most times foot fungus in my positive diagnosed patients , I see nothing with you like this , I'd stake my rep you'll come back ok " : An as the above noted , all negative. 4-5 days later bottom neck nodes slightly hurt and a slight fungus on left foot starts (although I did begin back at my health club and could have developed a rash from there I've had before , which is hell to get rid of ) . Now all through these tests I've had a hot to the touch back running up to the neck , very discomforting but no readable fever, it just comes and goes , everyday ! Also, some left foot, arm, hand tingling /burning, now and then . So here's the wrap up , am I a symptom suggestive zombie ( As so many seem to be )? Is there a valid reason why my Anti-body tests could be false negative ? They're from different labs , so I'm guessing it's not human error ? Since I seem to symptomatic , if it was hiv , the viral load with acute infection would register detectable ,above the minimum right ? Do most labs 'Elisa and instant tests cover most hiv subsets and Hiv-2..? What gives, so many signs of HIV , that I can't let the fear of infection go in the face of these reactions, Is the testing not catching my HIv strain , and under what circumstances would Instant & Elisa's be unable to detect ? The same with the viral load tests how can they register undetectable if I'm actually hiv active infection positive ? Finally , would cancer of any specific kind , and it's treatment effect the tests' outcomes ?



How can someone get "symptoms" and yet test HIV negative? That question has a simplistic and logical answer: The "symptoms" are not caused by HIV!

Are you paranoid, delusional, guilt-ridden symptom seekers? Well, actually yes, some of you are. It's worth noting that psychosomatic illness is common and produces very real symptoms!

Your story is quite similar to many others. You are told about particular symptoms (others read about them on the web) and then WAM! these identical symptoms appear. If your doctor had mentioned "neon green poop," chances are you would have developed that as well.

So, are you a "symptom suggestive zombie"? Well, perhaps. Is your poop neon green yet?

Is there a valid reason why multiple antibody tests would be false negatives? Nope! Your repeatedly negative HIV tests are true negatives because you are not infected with HIV. A negative HIV-antibody test performed outside the window period trumps "symptoms" each and every time.

If you "can't let the fear of infection go," you need to seek psychotherapy (counseling) to help you accept the really wonderful news that you are HIV negative.

Finally, regarding your closing comment I'll add a note of caution: transferring your irrational fears from HIV to cancer would certainly not be helpful!

Dr. Bob