psoriasis and AIDS


Hi Dr. Feinberg-

I have a question. I was diagnosed with AIDS in July on this year. CD4 120 and viral load 100,000. I am now on drug therapy. I have always experienced psoriasis now and then, but since I have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. The psoriasis has worsened. It is located on my entire back and on the sides of my upper body. Also arms, feet, etc. Is the HIV/AIDS virus causing this to be worse? Could this potentially be dangerous to my immune system? Please advise.

Thank you! :)


If you are responding well to your HIV meds, the exacerbation of your psoriasis may be a kind of "immune reconstitution syndrome", where your improved immune system is more capable of inflammation. I do not think it is a direct effect of your HIV. You may want to see a dermatologist for more aggressive treatment of your psoriasis at this time. Good luck!