Proviral DNA(RTI,PI,Int Inhib) Not Performed


Recently, my doctor ordered this resistance test. When the results came back, it stated that the test could not be performed, probably because sufficient DNA could not be collected. A repeat test was performed and the same non-results came back. I have been undetectable since 2000, currently on Descovy/Tivicay. Have never had any treatment failures. I'm puzzled as to why these lab"results." My doctor is puzzled as well. Any thoughts on this? Thank you.


I'd be curious to know why your doctor felt the need to order a resistance test when your HIV viral load had been undetectable for 19 years. Seems like your HIV meds are working. That said, the devil is in the details as to why the assay did not yield results. It would seem unlikely that there was insufficient DNA as whole, meaning you didn't have enough white bloods for the controls in the test to pick up any DNA at all. The more likely explanation is that there was insufficient HIV DNA integrated in your white blood cells for the test result to be positive. Although molecular testing is very sensitive, given your 19 years of being undetectable, it is possible that you have very few HIV infected cells circulating in the blood such that the assay could not pick it up.