Hi, I started taking Atripla a week ago and never been on meds before and so far it is going good. I take it at 8:30PM. I get home from work around 4:15pm and I am thinking about going back to gym. Now as I will go back to gym, I will take protein shake and plus I have to have my dinner there as well. I usually have dinner around 5pm and then eat nothing after that and this has worked for me so far. I dont know how I can fit that protein shake and light meal after my work out in there well before 8:30pm and how it will affect my night. What kind of effect protein shake will have on Atripla and what time frame I should keep in mind before I take it? Can I take my multivitamin or ginseng tea in the morning?


Thanks for your post.

If you're already tolerating the efavirenz (part of Atripla), you shouldn't have any problem with the dietary additions that you've mentioned.

Be well.