I had twice protected sex with sex worker on the 12th Jan..first time never cum inside but after a while of make out I took off condom and masturbate to reach climax and the second time yes I did ejaculated with condom on but immediatly pull of penis and took out the condom and wash my had with normal tap water before touch my parts.2 weeks after the incident I was tested negative with eclia test and again at 4th week i tested negative with rapid test.My anxiety is killing me as I'm really worried. Please help to explain am I at higher risk now of contacting HIV.

Regards Wooried Man


Hi You have done exactly what we educate people to do and that is using condoms for any type of sexual experience decreases your chances for HIV transmission. Cleaning yourself afterwards as well as pulling out immediately following ejaculation all reduce your chances for transmission. To be sure continue on your testing course and get a test at 90 days, if that test is negative then you are HIV negative from this experience, continue being safe and keeping those condoms close at hand.

Be well and stay safe, Shannon