Protected oral sex with transexual prostitute, HIV STD risk


I was a little drunk, and as a fantasy and watching few porn movies of transexuals, called one tranny prostitute, and went to her place. I touched her bare penis with my hand, we both were naked, but when it came to oral, i told her to put a condon on, which she did, and she put one on mine too, and then we did oral on each other for like 2-4 min. In the middle of that she massaged my anus with her finger and inserted her finger inside my anus for couple of seconds, which i didnt like and she pulled it out. then she put a condom on her finger with some lube and massaged my anus (no insertion) for few minutes. By this time my alcohol came down, and I became normal, and got grossed out by looking a a penis and we both stopped. But during the 10-20 min session, I did oral on her (covered), licked her balls once or twice. BTW, I have couple of broken teeth, so when I brush HARD, sometimes i bleed. With this info, how much risk I am with HIV or any STD. BTW, this tranny pros is in business for many years in my neighborhood, and has lot of reviews on those escort sites(I'm putting this cause I feel if she in business for so many years, she prolly is careful too iwth diseases).


Hi Oral sex carries the lowest risk of HIV transmission and then add on that you both wore condoms the risk of transmission is not there. The fingering of your anus is also a very low risk.

If this is all you experienced with this person than your risk of HIV transmission is very small and would not be someone we would recommend HIV testing. But it is important for everyone to know their status and has recently been encouraged by the US Health Department for this to happen annually with anyone who is sexually active.

Be well and stay safe, Shannon