Protected anal sex, but still in a panic


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Protected anal sex, but still in a panic Jul 25, 2010

Dear doctor,

I was the receptive partner for 10 minutes of protected anal sex. Condom did not break from what I could tell but no lubricant was used. I am somewhat worried as for starters it was my first such encounter, I was a little drunk and the top was a transgender. I am fairly sure it was safe but would you recommending testing at 3 months or PEP(it happened last night). Thank you for all you do.

Response from Dr. Frascino


Even though you had one of those "I got so drunk last night I got screwed by a tranny" type of evenings, it's important to realize that protected sex is indeed protected assuming the latex condom was used properly and did not fail (break). PEP is not warranted. Your fears are most likely exacerbated by guilt and having your "first such encounter." Should you remain worried, an HIV-antibody test at three months would provide peace of mind.

Don't panic. Just get informed and continue to play safe to stay safe, OK?

Dr. Bob