Protected anal sex with rectal bleeding


Sorry if this question was asked before Dr Frascino, saw similars with female sex/menstruation but nothing like my particular case. Anyway, yesterday had protected insertive anal sex with a male of unknown status. During sex I noticed that there was blood on the condom and on my pubic hair, we stopped right there and then, I washed this area (with the condom still on) with lukewarm water and soap, then removed the condom and jump into the shower where I cleaned everything -including my penis- with soap and water. My 2 questions are:

1.- Risk of infection if the condom was intact

2.-Risk of HIV travelling from pubic area to my urethra, via the water in the shower.

Thanks so much for your answer, it will help me get some sleep tonight



  1. Assuming the latex condom was used properly and did not break, your HIV-acquisition risk would be essentially nonexistent. HIV cannot permeate latex or intact skin. No way. No how. If infected fluids were to come into contact with the mucosal membrane lining the urethra (pee hole), then there would be an HIV risk. But since the business end of your tallywhacker had its rain slicker firmly in place, I see absolutely no cause for concern.

  2. Essentially nonexistent. However, as always, if you are worried, get a single HIV-antibody test at the three-month mark. The result will undoubtedly be negative. I don't feel the test is medically warranted, however, if it will calm your nerves, it may well be worth the effort.

Now get some sleep and stop worrying, OK? Nighty night! Pleasant dreams.

Dr. Bob