prostratin, can it be a cure for hiv2 as well?


Most of the time we see new drugs are invented and tested in clinical trials to find cure exclusively for hiv1.At the moment all hopes are on the clinical trials of Prostratin as a cure for hiv?I would like to know if it succeeds to eliminate hiv1 will it be useful to cure hiv2 as well?Also Is it possible that cure for hiv2 may be more easier than hiv1 as it is very slow in progressing towards AIDS and it's affinity towards cd4 cells is very low?Please answer.


Hello and thanks for posting.

Let's be very clear. Prostratin is not a cure for HIV. It's an experimental lead that helps stimulate latently infected cells, and might help us figure out effective ways in eradication of HIV.

As such, it's even more speculative to ask about Prostratin and HIV-2.