Prostatitis and HIV?


Dr. Holodniy,

I desperately need your expert opinion! Could prostatitis be caused by HIV itself? About a week after a low risk exposure (receiving a blowjob) I was diagnosed with prostatitis. Since the exposure I have tested negative via ELISA at 14, 20, and 23 weeks, in addition to a negative DNA PCR at 23 weeks. I also tested negative for all other STD's. My Doctor said for me not to worry since prostatitis is not an ARS symptom and is very common in the general population. Furthermore, he told me he isn't even aware of a documented case where HIV itself caused prostatitis (can be caused by a host of other things). The timing/coincidence of the two events still has me concerned, but at this point I have to believe my test results and chalk it up to coincidence (especially after such a low risk event). What are your thoughts? Are HIV and prostatitis closely linked? Could this be a symptom of ARS only a week after exposure? (I've read ARS almost always occurs 2-4 weeks after exposure and have never seen prostatitis listed.) Your feedback is much appreciated. Thanks!


Extremely unlikely that acute HIV infection causes prostatitis. It is more likely that other common sexually transmitted diseases have caused your symptoms.