The progression of dimentia in HIV Positive long-termers.


My brother is 49 and was diagnosed with HIV in 1993. After several different "cocktails" over the years, his quality of life is sad. He can barely walk, his hips are shot, he is not right (in the head)lack of empathy, VERY poor judgement, impatient, inappropriate anger episodes... Dementia?? Question: He is living with my 86 year old parents, who think they are obligated to take care of him, he can't take care of himself, he sporadically takes his meds and I'm fearful for his and my parents well being . What can I do, where can he go?


He may benefit from a formal neuropsych evaluation as well as formal neurology consultation. If his medication use is sporadic then he is at risk for increasing brain/dementia complications so drug adherence support/supervision is critical. Situation sounds very challenging so there may be no easy answers. KH