Dear Sir, Hope this E-mail find you well.Wanted to find out at what stage of it trial is PRO-140.When will it be available to patients.Does it have side effects as experienced by other class of HIV medication.Will it cause harm to kidney or liver or other organs of the body.Will patients on say Tivicay+Truvada be able to change to Pro-140.and continue to be undetectable.or does require other hiv drugs to work.Will it be expensive and how expensive and when will it be available in Africa. thank you and kind regards.


PRO-140 is a weekly injection that is a monoclonal antibody effective only for patients who have HIV that is CCR5 tropic (google CCR5

It is in phase 3 studies. It requires the use of two other drugs for it to work.

It will only be approved in the United States first. I do not know the potential price or the manufacturer's plans for international access.

There is a study that is looking at people who have had undetectable HIV for a while taking oral daily medications who are then switched to PRO-140 monotherapy (no oral pills) but we do not the results yet.

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