Pricked by Safety Pin on a Gym Locker Key


I read that question about the tuxedo guy. You seemed to think he was worrying for nothing. I pricked myself on a safety pin attached to a public gym locker key and began to think of the worst. Am I also worrying about nothing? - or do I have reason for concern concidering this is a very public place?



So you're wondering if maybe clumsy tuxedo-guy used the same gym locker and pricked his finger right before you pricked yours? Relax, Max, you have absolutely nothing to worry about, because:

  1. No one wears tuxedos to do bench presses.

  2. Even if they did, HIV (from tuxedo guy or anyone else) doesn't survive outside the body.

  3. You can indeed get HIV from a prick, but it's an entirely different type of prick.

Now stop worrying over nothing and start doing those crunches.

Dr. Bob