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hello Dr Mark here is the attachment from the prevoius post (very worried about my result) hello Dr,thanks for been her for us,may you remain bless,anyway my last result 24/11/2010 shows cd4 333 vl <40 cd4% 19% .today i receive my new lab result today cd4 385 vl <40 cd4% 22%.but worries more was my creatinine test which came out with elevated number 1.3 ,glucose 118 (before 110)urine rest (Leukocyte-trace ,Bilinogen negative & trace, Wbc 1-2.cells/Hpf 0-1,Mucous trace)please what could i do for this result?i am afraid of diabetes,though before this test i didnot take anything including water (i e fasting test)DR should i worry or not to be panic,other test are good (liver, cholestrol )thanks

here is your answer.

You don't indicate what HIV medications you are taking and how long you have been on them. Your HIV meds could certainly be associated with these abnormal results. The urine test doesn't really indicate any significant abnormalities. The blood tests could be early warning signs that something is developing. But hard to say for certain without another repeat set of tests and knowing whether some other ongoing medical condition might be going on.

from your question ,my regimen is (sustiva,truvada)i have been on it for almost 3yrs and 2months now.

here is the ful results from mu urine test.

                                    Result                                     Normal

Appearance slightly turbit clear

specific gravity 1.025 1.025

ph 5.5 4.6-8.0

protein negative negative

sugar ,, ,,

leukocyte Trace ,, ,,

Nitrite negative negative

blood ,, ,, ,, ,,

Ketones ,, ,, ,, ,,

Bilinogen negative Trace

Uroblinogen ,, ,,, negative

WBC 1-2 cells/HPF 0-1

RBC 0-1 ,, ,, 0-1

Squemous epithelia 0-1

Mucous Trace negative

from my CBC result

WBC 5.18 x10-3ul 4.50=11.00 RBC 179 150-450 creatinine 1.3 mg/dl 0.6- 1.1

albumin 4.5 g/dl 3.8-4.4

Glucose 118 mg/dl 75-115


I don't see anything really abnormal in the urine. Your creatinine is a bit elevated. This is a nonspecific finding as many things can cause this test of kidney function to increase. It could be associated with tenofovir in the truvada. Your glucose is mildly elevated as you were fasting and could represent early diabetes. But you need to have further tests from your doctor to determine whether those test results are significant and what may be causing them.