Preparation for colonoscopy on monday-help


Hey doc, thanks for all the insightful answers so far. I am on stribild for nearly a year now, ud since first month. Never missed a single dose. Took late for 1-2 hours at most but as you say it is okay. (I am a huge fan!)

I have a colonoscopy on monday morning at 19 am. I need to prepare and do bowel cleansing the day before. I normally take my stribild at 6 pm 7 pm with my dinner. However on sunday, I can only have a breakfast at 9 am, no solid food after that, just lots of juice and colon cleansing oral sodas and enemas. Embarassing, I think.

So on sunday night I can not eat any solid food, can I take stribild with a full stomach of peach juice, also will enemas and cleansing sodas affect stribild, I think they will. Should I skip the sunday dose? I am at a loss. I know skipping a single dose is unimportang in a year but I really don't want to lose my perfect score. Thanks all in advance. God bless you!


Hello and thanks for posting.

Since Stribild should be taken with food, and since you're supposed to have a clear diet the day before your colonoscopy, either take your medication first thing in the morning (with your last meal), or just skip the single dose.

I'd still give you a perfect score: near perfect adherence and adherence to your highly recommended colon cancer screening.

Be well, BY