Pregnancy at 23 Weeks!

Teniecka Drake
Teniecka Drake

It has been a little bit since I wrote, but I have a lot to tell. My mysterious absence is due to a couple things. The first is I am moving and have been going back and forth between two states. The transition is a process within itself, so that is one of the things. I still have packing left to do, moving trucks, cleaners and carpet cleaners coming.

The last thing is I am working on my very last two online courses for my bachelor's degree. The classes are extremely tough and all comprehensive so more difficult then all my other classes. Of course, being pregnant with all of this going on, I become extremely exhausted and have less energy.

The last time I wrote I was not that far along in my pregnancy. I did have an ultrasound done at 15 weeks, but the baby would not cooperate. I still do not know the gender of this baby. Right now I am 23 weeks along, which about six months roughly. The baby will be here in four months which is coming up pretty quickly. For me the pregnancy will be quick since I missed most of my first trimester not knowing I was pregnant.

The baby has been moving with little kicks and movements here and there. Sometimes I get these really sharp pains in my stomach; at times they can even bring me to tears. They are not the Braxton-Hicks contractions, which are even more severe than the pain I just mentioned. I did make the purposeful mistake of eating of eggs. I really thought I could get away with it! Yeah ... no the baby did not care for that trick. I paid for it by quickly running to the bathroom.

I have been having cravings. One of them is chocolate, and not just any kind: a chocolate cake. It tastes five times better than when I am not pregnant and I just indulge in it.

As far as my body goes my fingers have gotten more on the chubby side. I cannot wear my rings at the moment. Shoe shopping is not as fun either since my feet are wider. This makes my mood change sometimes to sad.

Speaking of moods: When I am hungry my husband knows to stay away from me. I can become super irritable about almost anything. For instance, we had gone to McDonald's for lunch and started arguing about fries. Looking back, that was a very silly and pointless argument. That is just part of being pregnant.

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