Precum Issues


Dear Ryan, good work on this forum. I have ask this question before and have not been answered, so if possible, please answer for me. On 17/4, I have a protective sex with a person known in the internet, I use N-9 condom for performing oral sex on him, after sucking him for around 15 minus(with condom), then I change another new condom (with N-9) for my partner to perform anal sex on me, I am the receptor. I use KY jelly to lub my anus and before he fuck me, he also put some KY jelly on his penis with the new condom on. But he only fuck me for 2 minus and only go in around 1 inches without ejacted, since I found a little bleeding from my anus, so we stopped and clean up my anus with tissue tower. Then I jacked off in 10 minus time, and I go to take a bath and wash my anus as well, the wound is closed already. My question is, when I change the condom after the oral sex, my partner used his hand to help to take off the condom, I am afraid when he take off the condom, a little precum in the condom may touch the right thumb and Index finger of my partner's hand, since he used this two finger to slightly push up the condom and the thing worried me is when he applied the KY jelly to his penis with the condom for anal sex with me, the precum may be contacted with the KY jelly and may touch my anus during fucking. In summary, the oral sex last around 10 to 15 minus with N-9 condom (Properly the precum have been out of his body for at least 5 minus and it keep inside the condom), the changing condom time to ready for fuck is around 2-3 minus, the fucking time is 2 minus. His hand which touched the condom never directly touch my anus. I have taken a draw blood EIA testing on 14/5 (28 days from the sex) and come back netgative. In this case, do I need to take further test ?


It is highly unlikely that you would have been HIV infected in the episode you describe. Using condoms should have been highly effective in preventing transmission and your fears are not based on any apparent facts (precum on the condom).

If you still feel the need to have an accurate HIV test result, you should wait until at least three months have elapsed from the time you had this sexual encounter.