Precum got on open cut - broken/infected nail


Hello. I have yet another anxiety ridden post about a possible transmission.

I was giving a hand job to a 42 year old gay male and he had a very large amount of precum that got on my hands and nails. I bite my nails visciously and I had small infections in 2 nails (swelling, pain, but no visible pus though). When his precum got on the area, I actually felt it burning as if it were alcohol. I tried to rub it off without making a scene about it. However, I am worried that the high levels of WBCs in the area of an infection like that would make HIV transmission very likely. Am I right about this? HIV ultimately goes from WBC to WBC right - regardless of whether or not it's blood, semen, or whatever? Or, would the broken nail area be more likely to BLOCK the HIV because it's set up a wall of dead white blood cells? (wishful thinking...)

The worst part of this is of course 5 days later, I developed swolen tonsils & lymph nodes, yellow dots on my tonsils, and some joint pain. The strangest symptom I've had is a bizarre chest pain. Could this possibly be my thymus? It's in the same exact area but I don't know if the thymus has pain receptors. That is where T-cells differentiate... I don't know, this whole thing is sounding like a total disaster. I even have this weird metallic citrusy taste in my mouth... I can't describe what it is exactly. Please let me know what you think about this scenario.

Lastly, since I am already having symptoms - could I go to a doctor and request a PCR test? Would it be useful? It's only been 9 days but I've already had a wide array of symptoms and what I think is a highly likely transmission route.

Thanks in advance for reading this.


The activity you engaged in--giving somebody a handjob--is not a "highly likely transmission route." You need to remember that many, many people bite their nails, and there is no evidence that anyone has been infected by giving a handjob. This doesn't mean that transmission is impossible; it just means that you are talking about a highly unlikely event.

You have already identified that you are anxious. Try to find a way to deal with your anxiety FIRST. It is more likely that anxiety, and not HIV, may be truly interfering with your life.