A Practical Guide to HAART (Highly Active Anti-retroviral Therapy)

Part 1: HIV and AIDS -- The Basics

Part 2: Treating HIV and AIDS

Appendix A: Antiretroviral Drugs

Important Note to the Reader

This Practical Guide to HAART is chock-full of useful information about treating HIV and AIDS. However, because some of the concepts are complex, we encourage readers to read it at their leisure, one section at a time.

Acknowledgments and Credits

A Practical Guide to HAART, First edition (2002), Revised (2003) Revised (2006)

CATIE would like to thank the following people for working with us to help produce this guide. Their time and knowledge were invaluable and much appreciated.

Medical Advisory Committee
Dr. John Gill (Alberta)
Dr. Kevin Gough (Toronto)
Dr. Robert O'Brien (Quebec)

Lark Lands
Deirdre Maclean

RonniLyn Pustil

Editorial Committee
Sean Hosein
Tim Rogers

David McIver
Wayne Stump

Design and Layout
Studio Bello! Susan Hedley

James Turner

CATIE thanks Health Canada's Canadian Strategy on HIV/AIDS, as well as Bristol-Myers Squibb and GlaxoSmithKline in partnership with Shire BioChem for funding this guide, particularly their respective representatives, Ruth Pritchard and Lorne Fox.