PrEP and re-infection between HIV partners not using condoms


Hi, I am HIV poz and have been taking Truvada and Reyataz for five years now. My partner is also HIV poz and takes the same meds. We often have unprotected sex.

Do the recent PrEP findings for Truvada suggest that we are combatting "super infection" or re-transmission of HIV since we both take this medecine daily? We were both infected from different sources so we are not sure we share the same HIV. Also, does this protect us from HIV re-infection from outside partners if we know they take the same meds too? I know that only condoms can protect us from other STDs.

This looks like an "green light go" for us to enjoy pleasurable unprotected sex with a lot less risk, but maybe it's still "red light stop".

Thanks in advance for helping me understand this. Warm regards, A Happy, Virally Enhanced Guy Loving Life



This is definitely a "red light stop" situation.

Unprotected sex between two poz partners is still risky business. The findings of the recent PrEP study do not alter this risk whatsoever. One of the fears of HIV educators is that the iPrEx study results would be misinterpreted and result in behavioral disinhibition and decreased use of condoms. The bottom line is that PrEP appears to lower HIV transmission among men who have sex with men, but certainly does not eliminate the risk.

I strongly urge you and your partner to use latex condoms for penetrative sex. You can read much more about this topic in the archives of this forum. Have a look.

Be well. Be safe.

Dr. Bob