PQQ and lypoatrophy?


Dr. Henry,

I recently did a Google search entitled "Reversing Lypoatrophy" and the first article that appeared was the question on the subject that I posed to you some 11 years ago! Still deeply depressed by this condition, I decided to do some additional research on the subject, particularly mitochondrial dysfunction and came across a number of articles about recent interest in PQQ. It seems to be believed that it may prevent mitochondrial degeneration and perhaps even enhance mitochondrial biogenesis! Assuming the long latent fat cells in my limbs are not completely dead, what are your thoughts on taking this "new" supplement to perhaps kick-start their re-birth? Also, do you know if it's safe at the recommended 10-40 mgs/day? If nothing else, this looks to be a great candidate for preventing the debilitating effects of lypoatrophy on others, which has stigmatized me for years now - even though I long ago switched from the culprit meds. Thanks for your input. Cautiously Hopeful... PS - here's a link to an NIH study on the topic: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2844438/


I have not seen any articles describing human studies of PQQ for treatment of HIV-related mitochondrial toxicity or specifically for lipoatrophy. If any reader knows of a published study or has personal experience with PQQ supplementation please post. There had been hope that uridine (Nucleomax) would be helpful but an ACT study in US was disappointing. The problem of lipoatrophy remains very frustrating. Human data with PQQ appears limited on clinical uses of PQQ: