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In Post-Katrina New Orleans, HIV Rates Have Fallen While PrEP and HIV Care Have Increased

A Snapshot of Orleans Parish, Louisiana, a Target of the U.S. "Ending the HIV Epidemic" Plan

Noel Twilbeck, Donna Ford and Dorian-Gray Alexander
Noel Twilbeck, Donna Ford and Dorian-Gray AlexanderCrescentCare Health
    map of Louisiana pointing out Orleans Parish County
    The darkest areas of this map, provided by AIDSVu, represent counties in which more than 380 of every 100,000 people were living with HIV as of 2015. In 2016, Olreans Parish's rate was 1,432, according to AIDSVu -- the highest among many high-prevalence counties in the state. Map: AIDSVu; Arrow: IconTrack via The Noun Project
    Tim Murphy

    Tim Murphy


    Tim Murphy, based in Brooklyn, has been writing about HIV/AIDS for 25 years, for publications and organizations including TheBody, TheBodyPro, POZ, New York Magazine, The Nation, Housing Works, and Lambda Legal.