possible transmission, HELP


-a year and a half ago I met with a man (who said he was negative) and we exchanged masturbation and oral. I tasted precum in my mouth and swallowed. Around that time (I cannot determine when) I was having teeth fillings put in. But that was months prior I believe. -two weeks and a half weeks ago I met with a man and he gave me oral and protected anal. The anal lasted no more than thirty seconds, and he took off the condom and rubbed his penis against my anus..my concern is is that I've had a history of hemorrhoids or anal fissures(not officially diagnosed, but for months straight I had anal itching and would see bright red blood on toilet paper) and I'm afraid his precum may have come into contact. At this time I haven't seen blood in a while, but there is still itching. Two days after there was a small amount of blood on the toilet paper. Is this a successful way to contract HIV?

Those were the two only 'risky' behaviors I've partaken in that worries me..

Although it is impossible to determine whether or not if you have HIV based off of symptoms, I am almost positive that I am HIV positive. My symptoms are: -aching lymph nodes all over the body..neck, groin, collarbone, armpit -muscles are aching -joint pain -aching pain in my right shoulder

These aches usually last no more than five minutes at a time, except for the shoulder pain. I feel it on both sides of my body, but more prominently on my right. It concerns me because I've never had lymph node pain or joint pain. I've only had muscle aches after I worked out poorly at the gym. It started last Thursday and all of the pains are slowly easing. I may or may not have had a low grade fever, my thermometer is not very reliable. If so, the fever lasted no more than 12 hours

May I have HIV?


Thanks for your question,

It's pretty unlikely to get HIV in the ways you described.

Oral sex is low risk for HIV. FIllings put in a couple months prior is not going to change this.

Off and on hemorrhoids is NOT the same risk as unprotected sex inside the butt. During anal sex there's stretching, pushing and pulling that can lead to a risky situation. Hemorrhoids, that probably weren't there and inflamed from what you're saying, aren't going to give us the same situation as penetration inside the butt.

By all means get tested, low risk is still risk and needs testing to confirm your status. BUT please don't interpret this as meaning you have high risk.

It sounds like you realize that symptoms are not the way to go, but you can't help yourself. Right now this is completely leading you astray. Nothing you're talking about is screaming out HIV.

Hope this helps!