Is it possible to have sex with HIV positive for 17 years with no protection and don't get?


My husband just found out that he is HIV positive. He did a chek up and his platelets were too low, the doctor ordered an HIV test and tested positive. We have been married 17 years and he swears to God that never betrayed me. We have a wonderful marriage and he would have no reason to not betray me, if that is possible for a men. I can not believe someone that has the virus and do not transmit it in a relationship for so long. We had two children and the youngest is 10 years, so I did the last test when my children were born. My results today came negative, I know I have to repeat it, but in my mind he must have contracted recently right? Please answer if you ever heard a case of someone that has sex with a partner for 17 years without protection and not contract the virus? I want to help him, but my anger is consuming me, every time I calm down I remenber the possibility he had betrayed me and my anger takes the place of love. Help me please, regardless of the truth, I must know to have the right to decide what and how I wil held this situation. I live in Brazil and I hope you understand my English. Thanks


Hello and thanks for posting. Sorry about the lengthy turn around time.

Sorry to hear about your husband and your understandable anger.

While unusual, there are very well documented cases of women who were repeatedly exposed to HIV who did not get infected. This observation led to the discovery of the HIV co-receptors (CCR5 and CXCR4). People who harbor mutations in the genes encoding CCR5 tend to be naturally resistant to HIV infection.

Also, bear in mind that HIV transmission doesn't always happen with each sexual encounter- indeed, the risk from a single vaginal receptive sexual event is estimated between 1 in 1000 to 1 in 10,000.

I hope that is helpful. Best of health to you and your husband. BY