what are possible problems a worker with HIV/AIDS would encounter


what are possible problems workers with HIV/AIDS would encounter


The problems primarily involve trying to keep your HIV status private without the employer or co-workers learning of it. This problem occurs primarily in the hiring process, medical absences, and using the employer's health insurance plan. The best way to avoid problems is to know your rights under law to keep such information private. In a job interview, your interviewer can only ask about your health by asking if you can physically and mentally perform the job. Health insurance companies are generally prohibited from giving employers any information about the medical condition if its employees. Using sick leave may or may not ask your medical condition. If it is asked you should disclose it only to the highest ranking person in Human Resources (not your direct supervisor) and politely remind them that it is confidential information that should not be shared with any co-workers outside HR. To succeed in protecting your status, it is very important that you tell absolutely no one else in the company, so if word does get out, you will have a strong case against the company. A final alternative is to consider, once hired and settled in at work, not hiding your status quite so closely. There is a lot of stress and tension involved in keeping such secrets.