Possible HIV/STD encounter


So a few days ago I had sex with a girl that I do not know the HIV/STD status of but I know she has had sex with many people before me. We gave each other oral sex (unprotected) but did use a condom when we had sex. but we were definitely rubbing/grinding in bed before sex without a condom. Im asking because its been 3-4 days since and im feeling sick, sore throat, achy body, chills and fatigue/lack of sleep. im wondering how early it is to tell the sings of HIV/STD. Am at a high risk for potential getting it? I want to get tested so I know but is it too early? Could my body just being having the flu from a long and tiring weekend?



Hi there,

This was not a high-risk situation at all. Your symptoms are not HIV related. It might be from a long and tiring weekend, or something else. It is not HIV.

In health,